Cooper Lane Heating & Cooling Prorated Refund Clause

In the event of the sale or dissolution of Cooper Lane Heating & Cooling (“Company”), and subject to applicable laws and regulations, all customers with active memberships at the time of sale or business, cessation shall be entitled to a prorated refund of their membership payments received, calculated based on the remaining unused portion of
their membership term.

1. Proration Calculation: The prorated refund shall be calculated based on the proportion of the unused portion of the membership term to the total membership term, from the date of the sale or business cessation until the expiration date of the membership.
2. Refund Processing: The prorated refund shall be processed within a
reasonable timeframe following the effective date of the sale or business
cessation. The refund shall be issued to the customer using the original payment method used for the membership.
3. Notification to Customers: In the event of a sale or business cessation, the Company shall provide prompt written notification to all affected customers regarding the situation and the prorated refund process.
4. Compliance with Legal Requirements: This prorated refund provision shall be subject to compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and legal requirements related to membership refunds in the jurisdiction in which the Company operates.
5. No Liability for Other Damages: The prorated refund provided herein shall be the sole and exclusive remedy available to the customer in the event of a sale or business cessation. The Company shall not be liable for any other damages, including consequential, incidental, or punitive damages, arising out of the sale or business cessation.

By purchasing a membership with Cooper Lane Heating & Cooling, customers acknowledge and agree to the terms of this prorated refund clause. Cooper Lane Heating & Cooling reserves the right to modify or amend this clause at its discretion, with notice to affected customers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.